KFC Chickenstock

KFC launched an innovative campaign ‘Wanna steal our images? Fine, but do it properly, please”.

Whenever we think of chicken, KFC finger-licking chicken strikes us. KFC, Kentucky, which specializes in fried chicken, is the second-largest restaurant chain and one of the most recognizable food brands in the world.

KFC launches ‘Chicken Stock’ free download image library of their chicken, it’s an interesting campaign to stop the imitators.

Like all the multinational brands KFC also encountered the problem of counterfeiting their food images. We notice some duplicate brands in the clothing and accessories industry, But now people are stealing KFC chicken images to sell their restaurant’s food items. 

KFC is not happy with the way their counterfeits use fuzzy, pixelated pictures of their original high resolutions images, instead of attacking them directly, KFC introduced the chicken stock, a database filled with images of yummy finger-licking chicken for anyone to download and use in high resolution. KFC strongly believes that their counterfeits can steal chicken images but can never steal their recipe taste. 

They launched this campaign with the tagline, ‘wanna steal our images? Fine, but do it properly, please ‘.

Then KFC found the IP’s of the counterfeits and locations who downloaded the images and set up the billboards and posters comparing the stolen pics with the originals.

Through this interesting campaign KFC explained that their competitor can borrow the images but their taste. In return, KFC got 250 thousand unique visitors, 4k images stolen, and 24% likeability.

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