Consumer buying journey

The 5 important steps in the consumer buying process

The consumer buying process, is the journey of a consumer that starts with the need or desire to purchase the product or service and ends with a post-purchase analysis of satisfaction with the product. In current times, where the internet is the prime source of information, the consumer is been given a lot of information about the products and services which makes him/her easily know, evaluate and buy the products and services. 

The five essential steps in the consumer buying process are:

  • Identifying The Need/Desire

The idea of purchase begins with the need for a product or due to the problem facing with owned things which need to be replaced. This is the first and most important step in the buying journey because if the consumer does not sense a problem or need, they normally will not go ahead to purchase a new product.

  • Research About The Product Or Service

In the current scenario, where people are exposed to a lot of information and have access to various sources of information, almost everyone wants to know about the product or services before making the final decision to buy the product. E.g.: when you’re willing to buy a smartphone you will check with the mobile company website and competitors’ sites and read all the reviews and offers, then you will come to the final decision to buy a smartphone. This stage will help the customer in considering the products/services.

  • Analyzing/Evaluating The Alternatives

After considering certain products or brand options, buyers will do an analysis of the products on a scale of attributes that can be beneficial to them. Buyers compare with the alternatives in terms of prices, reviews, warranties, terms and conditions of sale, and other features.

  • Making A Purchase

In this step, the consumer purchases the products/services which consumer may feel to buy the most preferred brand because he has analyzed and evaluated all the alternatives and recognized the value that it will bring him.

  • Post-Purchase Analysis

Post-purchase analysis or post-purchase behaviour is the stage where the customer evaluates whether he is satisfied or not with the product. Buyer satisfaction will significantly influence whether he will buy the product or opt for service again or consider the other products in the same brand. A buyer will also influence the purchase decision of others because he will likely feel compelled to share his thoughts about the purchase.

Most companies now opt to engage their customers with post-purchase communication toinfluence their feelings about their product and the buying journey.

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