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In 2022, here are the top 5 key reasons why you should not ignore product packaging design to grow your business success

Product Packaging design play an important role in promotion, marketing, sales, and brand awareness. Packaging design of the products plays a vital role in the promotion of the new product and increase existing products sales in the market. According to a recent survey, 72 percent of consumers say that packaging design influences their decision to choose the product and buy it. 

The other important factor of good packaging is the protection of the products. It protects the products in transportation and helps in delivering the products safely to the customers. If the customer receives the damaged product, the reputation of the company gets affected and you will likely have to replace the product or return the amount to the customer. To avoid such things a proper and good packaging design is necessary and packaging design should make it simple, and easy to open the products from the packaging as it improves customer experience (CX).

Product Packaging design influences the shopper’s buying decision and leads to an increase in sales. In current digital trend 2022, you cannot ignore product packaging design. These are the top five key reasons why product packaging designing is important for your business success

  1. Helps to stand out in the competition 

A good and attractive package design will be useful for products to stand out in the market, where the consumers have to choose the products from multiple brands. Most consumers will choose the products with a design and package that grabs their attention. Product packaging is the primary factor in consumer decision-making to purchase the product.

  • Provides clear information

The best packaging design will help shoppers to know the details of the products when they pull items from the shelf. The brands must effectively design the packaging so that it gives sufficient information, easy to read and understand.

  • Creates value to the products

Packaging creates a good impression about the products, if the packaging is high quality and user-friendly consumers are more likely to associate with the brand and its products. The high-quality package will result in better protection of the products and increases their value. 

  • Increases Brand Awareness

Packaging design is a powerful tool for creating and increasing brand awareness. A display of the logo and other brand elements in packaging design will help consumers to easily identify the brand and they may consider your brand for other products too.

  • Helps in Online Marketing

Packaging design is an excellent tool to promote a new product or boost online sales. On social media, consumers may share the images of the pleasing and unique packaging which creates brand awareness and helps in reaching new customers.

A Good Packaging Design reflects the product and creativity and personality of the company. It is the key part of marketing a product as it ensures its good sales. It should be Appealing, Eye-catching and Memorable. We create beautiful packaging designs for the Pharmaceuticals, Skincare & Beauty and FMCG companies.

Apricot – A Digital, Design, Branding, and Consulting company identifies the key challenges and provide innovative solutions to overcome all challenges in packaging design.

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packaging and redesigning

Packaging redesigning- what are the rewards and risks?

In brand marketing, change is sometimes necessary, especially when the packaging looks outdated and monotonous. Packaging redesigning elevate a brand with a refreshed and new look. But too many changes in the original design could be risky as it can confuse customer and cause him to overlook the product and believe that the brand is no longer available. Designing a new packaging is risky, but when it is done right with proper strategies, creating a new packaging design can actually elevate the brand in its totality. The key is having the capacity to effectively navigate the complex dynamic of changing the packaging design.

The reasons to redesign your package may be varied 

  • Whether it’s an old design that no longer stands out
  • Your product has ‘outgrown’ its original design because of new features or new competition has entered the market
  • Redesigning offers you the opportunity to rethink your packaging, bring it up to speed and kickstart product sales

NuCalgon Product Packaging Redesigning-A successful packaging redesign story

Nu-Calgon, a HVACR chemical distributor, provides quality chemicals and specialty products for the air conditioning, refrigeration and heating markets. They had very outdated packaging. 


Outdated packaging structure, visual look, colour, logo. 


One of the objectives was to give each of the product categories a cohesive look that also coordinated with the product line as a whole.

Adding colour, texture and images to the packaging made the product easy to identify, differentiated and more visual appealing

By adding a bright yellow bar identifying the type of product and the pictures right on the front, the consumer can now quickly identify what the product is and what is it used for. adding icons and charts to the side panels to give the end user some quick cues.

Use of metallic stock + matte inks accentuates the look, the facets of the package catching light on the metallic, countered with matte black background. 

Logo branding shield was simplified. Clearer communication between product levels was defined. Silver and Gold used as a main differentiator between Ultimate and Ultimate/UV, with secondary level titling clearly positioned.

Product photography was re-shot, positioned and enhanced to highlight the advances of their Rapid Fusion Technology and their brighter UV dyes. POP was also redesigned to compliment the package redesign and push sales within stores. 


• Keep a keen eye on your competitors – not only on product offerings and advancements, but visually at a retail level as well.

•  Evaluate opportunities to effectively and/or economically update your brand and/or packaging

• Take the effort to evaluate every aspect of how your packaging/brand interact and resonates with your customer


Apricot -a Digital, Design, Branding and Consulting company identifies the key challenges and provide innovative solutions to overcome all challenges in packaging redesign.

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