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How do Direct to Consumer (D2C) companies are changing the way we shop and how is it beneficial in 2022?

In the current digital age, most people are searching for information and reading reviews before purchasing the products and shopping online. Many of the companies are shifting from traditional to direct-to-consumer models (D2C or DTC), Because they want to improve customer experience and connivence. Also they can have full access and control of the products, brands, creating, marketing, and selling processes. D2C is becoming a common way for consumers to shop. According to the recent study, over 80% of consumers plan to make purchases from D2C brands by 2023.

Direct-to-Consumer, D2C is an eCommerce strategy where the products or goods are sold to consumers directly by the manufacturers. With this model, manufacturers have full control of creating, marketing, and selling their products to the end customers through various digital channels. This model eradicates the middleman such as retailers and wholesalers, allowing the manufacturers more control over their products and overall marketing and trading process.

Consumer electronics would be the largest direct to consumer segment in the Indian market with an estimated market size of 30.6 billion dollars, while FMCG market value is expected to reach 20.8 billion dollars, home decor expected to reach 5.4 billion. 

Due to focus on convenience and increasing online shopping, most brands are now focusing their attention on D2C channels. Some of the D2C brands in India are Lenskart, Licious, Zivame, Boat, Wow skin science, Healthkart, Mamaearth, MyGlamm, Sugar, IncNut, Country Delight, Pepperfry, Bombay shaving company, and many more.

The benefits of Direct-to-consumer (DTC or D2C) are 

1. Control

Through D2C channels businesses can gain control over their brand messaging and consumer engagement. While in traditional marketing once the product is handed over to the retailers, manufacturers can no longer influence the sale and build relationships with customers.

2. Data

 D2C companies get a full view of data by owning all the processes right from manufacturing to sale. They can use that data to enhance D2C channels. You can collect their email addresses, location, social media profiles, purchasing preferences, etc. it also gives insights into consumer buying behavior which helps manufacturers to optimize existing products.

3. Better opportunities to innovate

Retailers follow a set standard when selling the products and may not desire to promote or sell new products and products that have no track record of hot-selling items. With D2C, companies can launch new products at a smaller scale and can get feedback. In this manner, companies can understand what their consumers are looking for and can improve and optimize the products accordingly.

4. Increases the profit

D2C allows the manufacturer to sell their products at the same price as retailers, by eliminating the middleman in the process will impact the increase in profit margin.

5. Strong Brand Loyalty

D2C companies can provide better service and support to consumers which helps in building lasting relationships with the consumers and also helps in retention through targeted marketing campaigns.

Adopting a D2C strategy is beneficial to the companies however, it is always better to create a proper plan to ensure that the model remains consistent in delivering what the consumers need. D2C is the future. Especially if there is a continual disruption happening across supply chains. More manufacturers will turn to D2C e-commerce to sell to end-consumers directly.


How neuromarketing is useful in today’s marketing industry

Neuromarketing is the study of how human brains react or respond to advertising and other brand-related information by scientifically monitoring brainwave activity, eye tracking, and skin response.

These techniques are used to study the brain to predict consumer decision-making behaviour. Marketers use neural and other physiological signals to gain insight into customers’ motivations. Preferences and decision-making process. They also use this prediction to know how a product or service marketing campaign will perform.

Some ways neuromarketing is used include ­­­

  •  Product design testing
  • User experience testing
  •  A/B testing to compare the effects of similar ads
  •   Optimise call to action such as “sign up” or “visit your website”
  •   Rebranding

The benefits of Neuromarketing are:

Fine Insights

Neuromarketing gives a granular look at how humans are behaving compared to traditional market research, which evaluates consumer behaviour at a high-level using techniques such as surveys and focus groups. It gives moment-by-moment insights into consumer behaviour­.


Neuromarketing gives more depth and precision than qualitative research alone. These neuromarketing methods generate more reliable data. 

Subconscious revelations

This approach can reveal insights into the subconscious mind and short responses that people normally do not tend to remember.

Holistic Strategy

­­­neuromarketing is paired with traditional methods for a more holistic approach to marketing research.

A better understanding of the decision-making process

One of the major benefits of neuromarketing is the ability to understand better the decision-making process of consumers. 

Neuromarketing Methods

The neuromarketing method involves techniques such as eye-tracking, skin response, implicit measures, facial coding, fMRI, and EEG. fMRI and EEG are the basic tools used for scanning the brain. 

Neuromarketing strategies and studies give businesses the opportunity to build loyalty and establish authority. Many companies are using neuromarketing data analysis to better understand the behaviour of their consumers.

website design

Top reasons why a website is vital to growing your business in the Digital Era of 2022

Nowadays we can obtain any information in a fraction of seconds. The entire world is at our fingertips due to the advanced technology and increased number of internet users. Most people spend their time surfing the internet, they may be involved in buying a product, inquiring about services, reading articles, listening to music, and so on. 

Keeping in view this trend businesses also moved online and maintained their web presence. It is very much essential to have a website for small- and large-scale businesses. If you want to grow your business by presenting your products or services in front of an audience, your business needs to be found online. 

These are the top reasons why a Website is vital to growing your business in the Digital Era of 2022

1. Showcase your brand online 24/7

One of the biggest advantages of having a website is that it is accessible to anyone from anywhere. Customers can easily access the website and explore the products or services offered and get the information they need. 

2. Customer Support 24/7

With the help of a website customer support online is easy and efficient. Customer support with a website can be provided through FAQ and chatbots.

3. Budget Friendly

Creating a website is easy and cost-effective, unlike traditional businesses where a physical store requires a huge investment for commercial space, furniture, interiors, and employees.

4. Increases Revenue

A user-friendly and optimized website can generate better revenue if you make sure that your audience finds you when they are in need and looking for you. You can also give some of your space to display digital ads, this is just an additional way of generating extra revenue.

5. Increase in sale

With the better and 24/7 accessibility of your business online, customers can purchase at any time from anywhere. Hence websites help to break location barriers and can increase sales.

6. Professional website design

Viewers from various digital channels land on the homepage of the website. It is very important to design a professional website and make it user-friendly so that the viewers will not get bored. It helps in targeting potential customers.

A website acts as a portfolio of your business and helps your business grow online rapidly. If you are planning to build a professional website or rebuild an existing one, it is better to do it immediately to target the potential customers.

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Digital Marketing

Grow your business with the power of Digital Transformation

In the current digital era, it is vital to have an online presence and showcase your services and brand/products where you are customers are. According to the studies, 60% of the Indian population is using the internet. Today your customers download music, shop groceries online or book appointments online, learn through online courses, etc, it is important to present your business where your buyers are and stay up-to-date. With The Power Of Digital Transformation you can reach wider audience and it results in better revenues.

The Internet is the prime source of information on products, prices, and reviews. Before making any decision to buy the product or choose any service most people are reading reviews and searching the products/services on the web and, then proceed to buy the product. With digitalization, you will present your brand/products to wider audiences, it becomes easy to grab the attention of new customers and increase the revenue.

online marketing

These are steps to grow your business with the help of digital transformation are:

  1. Build A Website

Having a professional website is necessary for small or large businesses/brands in the current scenario.

Customers visit your site and explore all the products and services provided by you and they will make a decision and can transform the customers to clients. It becomes easy for customers to share their insights about the brand with the help of website their family and friends.

  1. Social Media Management

Right from kids to seniors are spending most of their leisure time engaging in social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora etc. Your brand gets noticed and can reach wider audiences when they are showcased innovatively on social media platforms. It is wise to be active on all the social media platforms and grab the attention of the customers.

  1. Video Marketing 

Video marketing is another powerful way of marketing your brand/products. According to the study by Insivia viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text. Users today view more than 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube. Video is one of the famous content forms where viewers get a clear idea about the brands. Sharing a video with relevant titles, descriptions, and tags is great to increase rankings. Video Marketing is also well suited to promote new brands/products with perfect and relevant brand stories.

  1. Turn Visitors Into Customers With Online Reviews

Get registered and claim your listings on online reviews and rating websites. Also, be registered in local business listings. Often people discover new companies when they are researching for the desired products, these sites will help create your online presence. Before purchasing any product, buyers read reviews so, responding to customer reviews and being active is another way of getting new clients.

  1. Promotion Of Products/Brands Through Ads

Google ads are the popular platform for advertising your brands/products to potential customers within the desired budget. Sometimes consumer needs more than one impression to make a purchase. Ads build an online presence and create brand awareness.

Advertising on social medial platforms is also a budget-friendly option to reach new customers and turn them into clients.

Digital transformation of your offline business or Online presence is very essential for any brand or business nowadays to stay ahead with competitors and increase revenue. So, get online, stay active and engage.

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