KFC Chickenstock

KFC launched an innovative campaign ‘Wanna steal our images? Fine, but do it properly, please”.

Whenever we think of chicken, KFC finger-licking chicken strikes us. KFC, Kentucky, which specializes in fried chicken, is the second-largest restaurant chain and one of the most recognizable food brands in the world.

KFC launches ‘Chicken Stock’ free download image library of their chicken, it’s an interesting campaign to stop the imitators.

Like all the multinational brands KFC also encountered the problem of counterfeiting their food images. We notice some duplicate brands in the clothing and accessories industry, But now people are stealing KFC chicken images to sell their restaurant’s food items. 

KFC is not happy with the way their counterfeits use fuzzy, pixelated pictures of their original high resolutions images, instead of attacking them directly, KFC introduced the chicken stock, a database filled with images of yummy finger-licking chicken for anyone to download and use in high resolution. KFC strongly believes that their counterfeits can steal chicken images but can never steal their recipe taste. 

They launched this campaign with the tagline, ‘wanna steal our images? Fine, but do it properly, please ‘.

Then KFC found the IP’s of the counterfeits and locations who downloaded the images and set up the billboards and posters comparing the stolen pics with the originals.

Through this interesting campaign KFC explained that their competitor can borrow the images but their taste. In return, KFC got 250 thousand unique visitors, 4k images stolen, and 24% likeability.

Brand Launch

9 Secrets for successfully launching a Brand in 2022?

A successful brand launch is not an easy task, it is a very crucial and exciting event as it helps in creating awareness and building a lasting first impression. However, it is the beginning of the great journey into marketing, branding, consulting, storytelling, and building relationships with customers so being prepared is all that matters in launching a brand.

The brand represents your business identity, and communicates to a wider audience, it is very vital to design and launch your business brand in the right way. A perfect brand reputation only comes with a creative, easy, and relevant brand design and message. Choosing the right colour palette, attractive design, typography, and tagline or slogan impacts a lot in bringing your product into the market. 

In the current internet-driven world, you must not forget to consider the brand launch campaigns on social media platforms and in other digital channels. With increasing internet penetration and Changing customers shopping preferences and styles, your brand should be visible where there are the targeted customers. 

The useful tips on how to promote your business brand successfully are

  1. Fixing a budget

When you’re about to launch a new product into the market, you should create a proper budget plan for launching products into the market. Proper planning ensures that your money will be spent wisely and cover all the essential aspects and potential pitfalls.

  1. Define the company’s vision

Your brand represents the company’s identity, It should be able to communicate the company’s vision and mission. Define your company vision and give information clearly on what your company does, how, and why.

  1. Research on audience

Before Launching any products, it is important to identify the potential customer and study the audience because it will give you insights and hints to proceed further and helps to customise the products.

  1. Branding

When you decide to bring your products into the market, they should have a simple, easy brand name and design. A brand’s success starts with perfect brand naming, logo designing, and packaging designing to stand out in the competitive market.

  1. Internal Communication

To ensure that the brand is launched effectively, all the departments of the company should work collaboratively. Each of them needs different things but all of them need to be informed about updates and make quick decisions if a problem occurs.

  1. Set a Launch day

Set a launch date, and consider aligning the launch date with an event, conference, or promotion to create awareness.

  1. Paid Advertising Campaigns

Before bringing your new product into the market, you should get customers’ attention and attract them with interesting advertising which can be done in a budget-friendly way by using social media ads and google ads. 

  1. Focus on customer

When you are planning to launch a brand, you need to convey to customers why they need to buy your products. A good way of product demonstration is focusing on the people instead of the products.

  1. Develop A Brand Positioning Statement

Select the targeted audience and develop the brand Positioning Statement which you can use  to plan your promotional marketing campaign by sending emails, WhatsApp invitations, and social media announcements.

When you’re launching a new brand or updating an existing one, it’s exciting and challenging. The above-mentioned pointers will help you in planning your brand launch successfully. If you are planning to launch or revamp an existing brand you can reach us at Apricot.

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skincare and beauty products brand

How to build a successful skincare and beauty products brand in 2022​

According to the statistics and research, the skincare and beauty industry is growing stronger and only stronger. India’s Beauty and skincare market is estimated to be USD 24.53 Bn in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 33.33 Bn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.32%. The beauty industry is constantly growing and evolving.

But the pandemic has been a time of reflection. The entire beauty industry, comprising skincare, cosmetics, haircare, and fragrances was not immune to virus outbreaks which made brands close physical stores and compelled them to reinvent and rethink business strategies, with the increase in key trends like an increasing number of smartphone users, penetration of internet and online shopping there is the urge to incorporate digital strategies to build skincare and beauty brands.

The digital world has taken the beauty industry to a new and more connected level where it is easy to connect with customers with different types of content, channels, and platforms. With Reliance JIO entry in the telecom sector, we have seen the rise of internet consumption in India. Which has given birth to many new age skincare brands like Mamaearth, WOW Skin Science and Sugar Cosmetics. Now we are seeing the new trend with many companies shifting towards Direct To Consumer (D2C) in the Skincare and Beauty space.

 These are a few digital strategies to build a successful skincare and beauty products brand in 2022

1. Identifying key skin problems and addressing targeted solution products

Now-a-days customers are aware of their  skin problems and are very particular about the health issues, so they look out for the best possible solution. Help them with addressing the targeted solutions products. You can collect the customers’ issues and opinions through surveys, newsletters, blogs on how to set up a skincare routine and can go live on video through social media platforms

2. Create Communities or Groups to build brand advocacy

Skincare and beauty companies must leverage the customers to connect the brands, share their experiences with others, and become a part of the brand they resonate with. Most companies are building communities of customers and fans through social media and other online forums.

3. Video Advertising

Video advertising is very useful in reaching new customers and engaging with existing customers especially in the beauty and skincare industry, in the video ads products are clearly shown and can be explained in a better way.

 4. Add testimonials to the web pages

Adding testimonials to the web pages influences the customer decision-making process. Happy and satisfied customers are the best advertisement. 

5. E-commerce Website or online store 

In the digital era, many users are opting to purchase branded products online so, having a user-friendly website is very vital. Provide all the product-related information on the website which will help viewers to get a clear idea about the brand products.

 6. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the key strategies in brand promotion. It is all about providing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage your target audience.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing has become a part of an overall marketing strategy, customers want to interact with real people and identify with their daily life struggles. With a large number of followers on social media platforms for influencers, your brand will get noticed in a wider range of audience. Choose the right influencer for your campaign and get the potential customers.

In the competitive skincare and beauty market, the above-mentioned strategies will help to create your company’s unique identity on a range of platforms and channels. You can also approach a skincare marketing Agency to build skincare and beauty products brands’ identity.

APRICOT , your Skincare Marketing Agency, is the one-stop solution for all the skincare and beauty brands to meet their objectives. We observed customers and brands at large conforming and embracing this new change in trend, playing a pivotal role in accelerating those choices.

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Brand Awareness and Visibility

Six effective ways to build & improve brand awareness and visibility in 2022

Brand Awareness helps to understand how familiar the target market is with your brand, products, and services. Often people associate with brands that have high brand awareness. Brand awareness is very essential to establishing your brand in the market, it helps customers to recall and choose your brand or product when they are willing to make a purchase. It plays a vital role in the marketing funnel. Recognizing a brand is a key factor in making a purchase. 

Brand Awareness does not mean that the customer needs to remember the brand, the customer should be able to recognize the feature that sets apart the product from its competitors. Creating brand awareness is the first stage of the marketing funnel. With brand awareness you can reach a wide audience of potential buyers, this will help in directing towards research, decision-making processes, and eventually buying process. According to study, online presence and content will play the most important role in increasing brand awareness and visibility in 2022.

These are some useful tips on how to improve brand awareness and visibility are

  1. Being active on social platforms – Being active on all the social media platforms and sharing informative content is another powerful way of creating brand awareness and visibility. Frequently posting useful content to the target audience and making sure they look through hashtags and groups.
  1. Online Ads

Through short campaigns, targeted ads will help to get more visibility for new or existing brands. You can go with social media ads like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter ads, and Google ads. These ads are budget-friendly and help to reach potential customers.

3. Optimize the website for targeted keywords

Research keywords in your industry and find out the seed keywords and content strategies. These are the keywords that match searches of the people starting their buying journey and looking for more information about the products. Build content using these keywords which will help in ranking on Google and may result in SERP.

4.  Blog posts

By writing SEO-optimized content, you will be able to show your brand and product or service-related information when the target audience is searching on the search engines to find more details about the brand. You can also increase brand awareness and visibility by writing guest posts on other blogs that potential customers can read and link to your website.

5. Partner with influencers to promote your brand

Customers trust recommendations from influencers more than traditional ads and celebrity endorsements. You can reach the targeted audience through their favourite influencers. 

6.Video Marketing

Video marketing is another good way of telling your brand story and creating awareness. Video narrates the special features of your products and services in an effective manner. Video ads are primarily used to reach, and engage audiences and make them aware of new brands or products and businesses.

Brand awareness and visibility are very important because it helps and influences consumers to opt for and buy your brand products or services. It takes time and resources to build brand awareness and visibility and maintain your brand reputation and earn the trust that can make your business successful.

Increase your brand awareness and visibility right away with the right experts.

you can approach the APRICOT. We can give you the proper guidance and solutions that help in building confidence in the development of your brand.

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Branding and logo design

The perfect brand naming and logo design is very much essential to establish your brand or businesses in 2022

The perfect brand naming and logo design is vital in promoting, marketing and establishing your business in the competitive market. Once you decide to start a new business, the very first step is to choose a good brand name. Brand name acts as a foundational piece of the entire branding strategy. The brand name grows along with the company and it has to maintain relevance and have to be adaptable to product or brand extensions.

There are plenty of theories and studies on what makes a brand unique. There are some common features that make a brand name easier and memorable

Meaningful: It should be able to communicate the purpose and narrate the brand story

Unique: It should be different from the competitors; the uniqueness makes it memorable and sets out stand in the market

Relevant: Brand name can grow along with the company so it has to be relevant and easily adaptable with the product and brand extensions.

Accessible: The best brand names are short, easy to spell, pronounce and remember.

After getting the perfect brand name there comes logo design, A perfect brand logo design signifies the brand’s identity and its uniqueness. It is very important to design a brand logo that depicts the brand and creates awareness. In the current scenario it is crucial for brands or businesses whether it would be a small or large scale to have an online presence. It is not all about just being on the web, you should present your brand in an eye-catching, creative and appealing way. 

Here are the few main points on how a good logo design helps to create brand awareness

Grabs Attention

A simple, creative and unique brand logo grabs the attention of the viewers which in turn leads to traffic to the website where visitors can explore more about the brand and its products & services.

Brand logo makes it easy to recall

If viewers find your brand logo interesting and creative, they just stop without scrolling down and it creates a good impression. Later when they are in need to purchase the products, they will easily recall the brand with the help of the brand logo.

Increase reach and sale

A proper brand logo helps in creating brand awareness and reaching new customers and also helps the customers to identify the brand in various digital channels

It Promotes Brand Loyalty

For a new business or an established one brand loyalty is always a prime concern, brand loyalty is associated with many factors however the brand logo is the essential factor that can impact your brand identity.

Brand naming and logo designing is crucial work that requires creativity and commitment. If you face a challenge in brand naming and designing a logo, you can always turn to a professional.

you can approach APRICOT. We are experts in brand naming and designing creative and compelling logos which help brands to grow.

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social media marketing

The simple ways to build brand awareness in social media and boost sales

Brand Awareness is creating a positive image or impression in the minds of consumers and letting them choose your products or services when they are in need of buying them. Brand awareness is vital in the growth of any business or brand. Creating brand awareness is the first step in promoting a new product in the market or revamping an older brand. Awareness of the brand includes the features that help to distinguish the product from its competitors. 

Social media is one of the powerful platforms to promote new products or brands and engage existing customers. 85 percent of the brands and businesses use social media primarily for brand awareness. The number of social media users is increasing day by day. Instagram is the most commonly used social media platform in 2022 with 76.50%, Facebook with 74.70%, Twitter with 44.90%, and LinkedIn with 37.20%. Creative posts, short videos, or reels play a vital role in showcasing the product on social media platforms and can grab the attention of consumers. 

These are some simple ways to build brand awareness on social media that help to boost your product sales are

  1. Present your brand on social media with some uniqueness 

Present your brand products on social media platforms in an innovative and unique manner so that the consumers can easily identify your brands and recall & recognize your business. Prioritize the unique features of the product clearly with good creative designs so that it helps consumers to share the posts with their friends and family and therefore increases awareness.

2.  Optimise Social Media Profiles

Recognition is the prime factor in creating brand awareness, when followers look at your social media profile they should be able to understand what your business is all about. Use your logo on all social media profiles so that viewers can easily recognize your brand.

3. Wisely choose audience

Targeting or choosing the right audience is the key factor in social media marketing. The ideal audience would be the consumers who are in need of your products or show interest in your brand. Choosing the right audience will help you to connect with them on social media and also be useful in reaching new similar consumers.

4. Create engaging captions and content

Write appealing, attractive, and engaging captions and content to your posts, it helps to grab the attention of the viewers and encourages them to take a glance at your brand and brand story.

5. Promoting your product through influencers

Influencers have a large number of followers on social media, they will show your product to a lot of people which will help you to get traffic to your social media channel. 

6. Be active on social media

Staying active on social media means you need to post regularly and allow viewers to leave comments on your post. It will help to gain more followers.

7. Respond to the feedback

You have to listen to what consumers experience about your product or brand. The best way to ensure that you care for them is by responding to their feedback. If feedback is positive it’s okay but if it’s negative try to resolve the issue.

8. Promote your social media channels

Promote your social media channels by posting their links in the blog post, website, marketing emails, flyers, banners, labels, and so on.

 With social media platforms, you can increase your brand awareness with unique, creative posts like good product images, brand ads, short reels, brand stories, and so on.

Spark your brand and company by leveraging the power of social media marketing to better connect with your audience. 

At APRICOT, we have created compelling websites, social media content and videos for entrepreneurs, brands, and companies that have helped drive brand visibility and revenue. 

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Consumer buying journey

The 5 important steps in the consumer buying process

The consumer buying process, is the journey of a consumer that starts with the need or desire to purchase the product or service and ends with a post-purchase analysis of satisfaction with the product. In current times, where the internet is the prime source of information, the consumer is been given a lot of information about the products and services which makes him/her easily know, evaluate and buy the products and services. 

The five essential steps in the consumer buying process are:

  • Identifying The Need/Desire

The idea of purchase begins with the need for a product or due to the problem facing with owned things which need to be replaced. This is the first and most important step in the buying journey because if the consumer does not sense a problem or need, they normally will not go ahead to purchase a new product.

  • Research About The Product Or Service

In the current scenario, where people are exposed to a lot of information and have access to various sources of information, almost everyone wants to know about the product or services before making the final decision to buy the product. E.g.: when you’re willing to buy a smartphone you will check with the mobile company website and competitors’ sites and read all the reviews and offers, then you will come to the final decision to buy a smartphone. This stage will help the customer in considering the products/services.

  • Analyzing/Evaluating The Alternatives

After considering certain products or brand options, buyers will do an analysis of the products on a scale of attributes that can be beneficial to them. Buyers compare with the alternatives in terms of prices, reviews, warranties, terms and conditions of sale, and other features.

  • Making A Purchase

In this step, the consumer purchases the products/services which consumer may feel to buy the most preferred brand because he has analyzed and evaluated all the alternatives and recognized the value that it will bring him.

  • Post-Purchase Analysis

Post-purchase analysis or post-purchase behaviour is the stage where the customer evaluates whether he is satisfied or not with the product. Buyer satisfaction will significantly influence whether he will buy the product or opt for service again or consider the other products in the same brand. A buyer will also influence the purchase decision of others because he will likely feel compelled to share his thoughts about the purchase.

Most companies now opt to engage their customers with post-purchase communication toinfluence their feelings about their product and the buying journey.

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logo designing

Why you should not ignore your brand logo in 2022?

A Brand Logo is an image, text, shape or a combination of the three that depicts the name and purpose of the brand. It is in the form of symbol, emblem, graphic mark, stylized name, or drawing, or the combination of all. It marks brand’s identity and reflects the value of the brand. It helps the customers to identity and remember the product and quality of the brand.

Brand logo can be described as the visual identity of a Brand. It helps in increasing brand recall as it is an easy way to convey to potential and target customers that your brand is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods, best customer service and experience.

Logo design is all about creating the perfect visual brand mark for a company. It should be audience-appropriate, easy to read, distinct, and scalable.

Components of Logo:

1. COLOUR– Colour of a Logo has a significant impact on people’s emotional state. Colour can trigger an emotion and evoke a brand association.

colour of brand logo

2. TYPOGRAPHY– Typography plays a crucial role in the design of your brand identity. It is the art of setting and arranging types. It can be as impactful as a graphic.

typography of brand logo

3. IMAGE– It can be and icon, a symbol – perhaps a picture that represents something you sell or a value you stand for.

Image of brand logo

4. TAGLINE– A tagline typically comprises of a sentence or catchphrase designed to hook your audience, or clarify what your company does.

Tagline of brand logo

Importance of a Brand Logo

One of the significant elements of a brand’s identity is its logo design. Moreover, it’s the primary motive and outcome of the logo design process. 

A well-designed logo develops trust by endorsing professionalism and making people stick around. 

It informs your potential customers who you are, what you do, and how that assists them. It conveys to people that you are capable of satisfying them with your products or services.

In addition, your logo is the best opportunity to create credibility for your company and operate as the face of your business.

1.     Grabs Attention– A Logo can quickly grab customer’s attention and communicate a company’s core values and ideas in an interesting way.

2.     Makes a Strong First Impression– A brand logo is a company’s first introduction to consumers and the overall market.

3.     Foundation of Your Brand Identity– It serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built along with its architecture.

4.     Visual and Memorable– Logos are a point of identification for your brand and they are the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand.

5.     Separates you from Competition-A Logo makes your brand unique and distinctive in nature from others in the market

6.     Fosters Brand Loyalty-A Logo is easily familiar with customer and shows trustworthiness of your brand

7.     Evoke Emotional Responses- The colour of a logo evokes emotional state in customers’ mind

8.     Reflects Your Business – It reflects its business in the best possible way.


If you have any concerns regarding the importance of logo design or creating it, you can approach the APRICOT. We can give you the proper guidance and solutions that helps in building confidence in the development of your brand.

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