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How to build a successful skincare and beauty products brand in 2022​

According to the statistics and research, the skincare and beauty industry is growing stronger and only stronger. India’s Beauty and skincare market is estimated to be USD 24.53 Bn in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 33.33 Bn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.32%. The beauty industry is constantly growing and evolving.

But the pandemic has been a time of reflection. The entire beauty industry, comprising skincare, cosmetics, haircare, and fragrances was not immune to virus outbreaks which made brands close physical stores and compelled them to reinvent and rethink business strategies, with the increase in key trends like an increasing number of smartphone users, penetration of internet and online shopping there is the urge to incorporate digital strategies to build skincare and beauty brands.

The digital world has taken the beauty industry to a new and more connected level where it is easy to connect with customers with different types of content, channels, and platforms. With Reliance JIO entry in the telecom sector, we have seen the rise of internet consumption in India. Which has given birth to many new age skincare brands like Mamaearth, WOW Skin Science and Sugar Cosmetics. Now we are seeing the new trend with many companies shifting towards Direct To Consumer (D2C) in the Skincare and Beauty space.

 These are a few digital strategies to build a successful skincare and beauty products brand in 2022

1. Identifying key skin problems and addressing targeted solution products

Now-a-days customers are aware of their  skin problems and are very particular about the health issues, so they look out for the best possible solution. Help them with addressing the targeted solutions products. You can collect the customers’ issues and opinions through surveys, newsletters, blogs on how to set up a skincare routine and can go live on video through social media platforms

2. Create Communities or Groups to build brand advocacy

Skincare and beauty companies must leverage the customers to connect the brands, share their experiences with others, and become a part of the brand they resonate with. Most companies are building communities of customers and fans through social media and other online forums.

3. Video Advertising

Video advertising is very useful in reaching new customers and engaging with existing customers especially in the beauty and skincare industry, in the video ads products are clearly shown and can be explained in a better way.

 4. Add testimonials to the web pages

Adding testimonials to the web pages influences the customer decision-making process. Happy and satisfied customers are the best advertisement. 

5. E-commerce Website or online store 

In the digital era, many users are opting to purchase branded products online so, having a user-friendly website is very vital. Provide all the product-related information on the website which will help viewers to get a clear idea about the brand products.

 6. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the key strategies in brand promotion. It is all about providing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage your target audience.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing has become a part of an overall marketing strategy, customers want to interact with real people and identify with their daily life struggles. With a large number of followers on social media platforms for influencers, your brand will get noticed in a wider range of audience. Choose the right influencer for your campaign and get the potential customers.

In the competitive skincare and beauty market, the above-mentioned strategies will help to create your company’s unique identity on a range of platforms and channels. You can also approach a skincare marketing Agency to build skincare and beauty products brands’ identity.

APRICOT , your Skincare Marketing Agency, is the one-stop solution for all the skincare and beauty brands to meet their objectives. We observed customers and brands at large conforming and embracing this new change in trend, playing a pivotal role in accelerating those choices.

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