Audio Detailing

Audio Detailing: An innovative pharma marketing solution

What is Audio Detailing?

Audio Detailing is a new form of Pharmaceutical Detailing recorded in an audio form which is used as an alternative to boost sales performance. This technology has been introduced in the last few years by the Pharmaceutical Industry as a new communication channel to promote Pharmaceutical products to Physicians. It’s rapid adoption has transformed pharmaceutical industry as a rise in physician prescribing behaviour has been seen.


Detailing in Pharmaceutical Industry is the process of communication used by Medical Sales Representative to promote their brand products to HCPs(Health Care Professionals). It is usually 1:1 marketing technique to educate Doctors in hopes that they will prescribe company’s products more often. But this Detailing is not an easy task. A Sales Execute has to be very confident, fluent, presentable and flawless to grab Doctors’ attentions and stand out from their competitors. But sometimes , Sales Executive fails to meet Doctor’s attention.


Audio Detailing is an innovative solution to the challenges faced by Sales Executive during Detailing. It builds Sales Executive Confidence, Increases Doctor engagement, improves Product Conversion. It can also be used as an alternative means when Pharma Marketers find hard to get Doctor’s appointment and get a call.

Audio Detailing: An innovative Pharma Marketing Solution

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